Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You Are Not Alone In Your Suffering

Mary Magdalene's Feast Day Is July 22!
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Suffering is something we all encounter in this life, and it can make us feel discouraged, depressed, and alone.We have many books that offer deep insights on how to accept our sufferings and overcome our obstacles. Click on this link to start reading today 

Do you need what's going on in the mass explained to you better? The Mass Explained from Catholic Book Publishing explores the theological meaning of the Mass, examines the role to which baptized Catholics are called in its celebration, and helps readers to discover the meaning of its words, songs, gestures, and ritual actions.
Written by Msgr. James P. Moroney. Click on this link to purchase 

Do you have trouble understanding the mass? You are not alone. Understanding the Mass by Catholic Book Publishing is a practical, easy-to-use and understand booklet about the Mass. Written by Rev. Maynard Kolodziej, O.F.M.,

Do you wish you could have help in understanding the prayer of the mass and liturgy? This book will help. Handbook of the Mass from Catholic Book Publishing provides an introduction to understanding the greatest prayer of the Church, the Eucharistic Liturgy. Click on this link to purchase

We have a new Franciscan book in stock! Just as with his stirring narrative of the life of St. Francis, St. Francis of Assisi: Passion, Poverty & the Man Who Transformed the Church, author Bret Thoman draws upon his profound knowledge of original sources, his familiarity with the places where these two great founders lived and breathed and changed the world, and his own Franciscan spirituality, to bring to life, like never before, the story of St. Clare of Assisi. Click on this link to purchase

We have added some new prayer cards to our inventory. Click on this link view our wide assortment

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Did Someone Say...San Damiano, Prayer Cards, and Oh Feast Day!

Saint Kateri Tekawitha's Feast Day is July 14!

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We have brought in some different prayer cards about some of the less popular saints. 
We carry a wide assortment of prayer cards for various spiritual needs.

We have a new prayer card for St. Bernadette.

We have a new prayer card for St. Mary Magdalene

Thick metal and good weight. Has a jump ring for hanging.

The 3-D effect really makes the beauty of the cross with all it's traditional colors pop out! Has a small hole at the top for hanging. Wood look and feel. Click on this link to view and purchase

Shrink wrapped. Lovely gift item. From the original San Damiano Crucifix, which is a 12th century icon, Jesus spoke to St. Francis and asked him to "repair My House which, as you can see, is falling into ruin."Click on this link to view our selection and purchase

San Damiano Wall Crucifix Outlined Gold & Red Boarder. 6 1/2" X 5".

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Saint Of The Month And Inspiration

July 6th Is St. Maria Goretti's Feast Day! 
We carry an assortment of St. Maria Goretti prayer cards, dolls, and chaplets on our website.  She is called a martyr because she was murdered because she would not consent to overtures by a lustful teen. She is a good Saint to pray to for Purity. Click on this link to purchase

Mom Glass Plaque $7.00

Mary & Jesus Carved Wood Leaf $9.95
Originally carved out of wood. Click on this link to see others like it

Copper Crucifix On Wood $8.00
Very Unique; so it's an eye catcher! Approximately 8" X 5".
Click on this link to purchase

Sacred Heart Paper Weight $5.00
Has the look and feel of Lalique Glass or Sabino Glass. Meant to use as a paper weight to keep your papers from blowing around. Or you can simply use it for decoration anywhere it can sit up.

 Acrylic Modern Look Holy Family -- Vintage style $3.95
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Basset Hound Puppy $0.75

Dog in My Pocket story--I carry this dog in my pocket to remind me that I am to be Christ's best friend. Like a dog, I can run wild, away from my Master. I can claim to have no master and can hunt down my own food or salvage it from garbage heaps. But when I follow Jesus, He feeds my spirit with His Words and love, and I am so much better nourished than when I try to feed myself.

Original Prints and Paintings by Tim Luncsford $75.00
20"x20" Hand Signed Print of original oil painting "House after summer rain".
Tim also takes custom orders by people. If you would like Tim to do a painting or print for you contact us. Click on this link to purchase

            God Alone is Enough: A Spirited Journey with Teresa of Avila $16.99
No one can teach a Christian to pray, like Teresa can. This lively little book introduces postmodern readers to one of Christianity's most endearing prayer warriors, and guides them through her most radical teachings. Here, Teresa of Avila is not a lofty, inaccessible saint; she's a companion, taking readers on a rollicking journey through their own interior castles. 
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Be Holy And Patriotic!

July 4th is Next Week! We have lots of items for sale on our website to celebrate this holiday.

The Patriotic Rosary for the Consecration of Our Nation $1.00
Sold individually or in a pack.

New Statues for your picking. Remember many of our statuary is Free Shipping in the U.S.A.

Ethnic Blessed Mother $5.00
Hand Carved  from wood. Original piece of art. Click on this link to purchase

Blessed Mother And Jesus Carved Wood $12.95
Original Blessed Mother And Jesus Carved Wood.
Approximately 9"X2". Free Shipping in the U.S. Only.

Cherub Angel Magnet With Flowers $2.00
Put them on your refrigerator, car, or any metal surface. Their precious features make them hard to go unnoticed. Buy them individually or all eight of them together for yourself or a friend. Ceramic look and feel. Very light weight. Click on this link to purchase

Small Porcelain Head of Blessed Mother $4.95
Free Shipping. Only 1 available.

Cherub Angel Candle Holder $6.00
Click on this link to purchase

Pet Memorial Stone in Mary's Glen $5.00
Four different garden stones, each with floral design and inspirational verse. We will memorialize your pet by writing his or her name on the stone and placing it in the memorial garden around a statue of St. Francis of Assisi, located in Mary's Glen, 2514 Reynolds Street, Fort Wayne IN. To see pictures of the stones and to make a purchase click on this link

            Saint Peregrine Statue--"The Cancer Saint" $26.95
Approximately 12" Fine Italian Statuary. Luciana Collection. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. ONLY. Saint Peregrine is known as "The Cancer Saint" whose intercession is sought when praying for healing for cancer victims. Click on this link to purchase

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Father's Day & New Books

Father's Bookmark $1.50 Available on this link

Father Stand Up Desk Plaque $6.99 Available on this link

World's Greatest Golfer Pin $0.50 Available on this link

Wise Words For Fantastic Fathers Book $4.99 Available on this link 

Catholic Collectibles: A Guide to Devotional Memorabilia $29.99 Available on this link  

Illustrated Lives of the Saints For Every Day of the Year -- Volume 1 $11.95 Available on this link

A Priest in the Family Book $13.00 Available on this link 

Discerning Religious Life – by Sr. Clare Matthiass, CFR $20.00 Available on this link 

Fatima for Today by Fr. Andrew Apostoli $17.95 Available on this link

How to Be a Monastic and Not Leave Your Day Job $14.99 Available on this link

Scripture Illuminated Coloring Book $16.95 Available on this link

To Save a Thousand Souls Book $17.00 Available on this link

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spain Has Come To Us!


Faceted Crystal Rosary Bracelet

  These are handcrafted from Spain. They are one of a kind; so there are limited quantities on these bracelets. Get yours before it's gone! Click on this link to purchase

Red Faceted Crystal Rosary Bracelet $9.99

Click on this link to purchase

Amethyst Faceted Crystal Rosary Bracelet $9.99

 Click on this link to purchase

Deep Emerald Bracelet $9.99

Has a cross and the Miraculous Medal on the end of the bracelet.

Click on this link to purchase

Rosaries from Spain
These are handcrafted from Spain. They are one of a kind; so there are limited quantities on these rosaries. Get yours before it's gone!

Variety Color Rosary 14.99

Click on this link to purchase

Aqua Rosary $14.99

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Father's Day Gifts

Military Religious Dog Tags--U.S. Marine Corps $2.00

Military Religious Dog Tags for people to wear around their necks. 

Photos are of front and back of dog tag. 

Click on this link to purchase 

Fathers' Day Religious Greeting Card $2.95

 Envelope included. Free shipping. 

Click on this link to purchase 

Fathers Change The World One Child at a Time Book $1.50

A treasury of inspirational quotations for Fathers. Written by Dr.Criswell Freeman.

Click on this link to purchase