Friday, January 24, 2020

Valentine's Day is more than just flowers and chocolates. Spiritual love means love for the world, for all people. The essence of God is pure love and this ‘Divine Love’ is behind God’s act of creation. 
This love is always true and constant in its purposes.

God Bless This Home Heart Wall Plaque 2  $1.99

God Is Love Prayer Card - Act of Charity $0.25
Buy any 10 cards (mix and match) which have RC in the SKU number (the RC 25c prayer cards) and get the 10th card free! If you are ordering over 500 RC prayer cards in any combination, please contact us so that you receive the appropriate discount. Thank you!

Crocheted Meditation Crosses $12.00
The cross has always symbolized, for Christians, the fact that Jesus Christ died to redeem us from our sins and rose from the dead to go to His Father and prepare a place for us. 
This set of four crosses in different colors is meant to help you grow in Faith and love for Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.

Multi-Color Crocheted Rosary $3.95

Bible or Breviary Cover - Love $12.95

Love-Ability Book $13.95
Becoming Lovable by Caring for Yourself and Others

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