Thursday, September 4, 2014

♪♫ Take A Look At Some Inspirational Goods ♪♫

Agape Audio Bible $14.95

Agape Audio Bible World English includes New Testament and Proverbs, Passage text scrolls during playback, Tracks your progress through the Bible, and can be personalized with your name. Comes with headphones.  More information on the link below.

Wooden Scapular Carmen & Sacred Heart Jesus $4.95

Very nice polished brown wood with a monochrome look and feel for the pictures. A genuine wooden bead is placed On each end of the scapulars. Brown thread is very strong. More information on the link below.

My Scapular $2.50

The Card features “The History of the Brown Scapular”. very nice. Chain is a shiny silver and the pictures are nice and clear. Prayer card is large print.  Scapular Medal portrays the Sacred Heart of Jesus on one side, and Our Blessed Mother Mary on the other side. More information on the link below.

Dog in My Pocket $0.75

I carry this dog in my pocket to remind me that I am to be Christ's best friend. Like a dog, I can run wild, away from my Master. I can claim to have no master and can hunt down my own food or salvage it from garbage heaps. But when I follow Jesus, He feeds my spirit with His Words and love, and I am so much better nourished than when I try to feed myself. More information on the link below.

Cloth Tote Bag With San Damiano Crucifix $5.00

Fabric is very nice and soft. Strong stitching. Machine washable. Ideal for small tight places because of the bags flexibility. Use it to carry almost anything. More information on the links below.

I Said A Prayer For You Today Glass Plaque $7.00

Clear glass plaque that has the prayer " I said a prayer for you today". More information on the links below.

Saint Christopher Statue $29.99

Approximately 12" tall by 6" wide. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. More information on the links below.

St. Martha Statue $24.95

Approximately 2 lb. statue. Very fine. Martha is shown victorious over the dragon of sloth (laziness). She is the patron of housewives and workers. Free shipping on this fine statue. More information on the links below.

A Prayer for Pregnant Women Card $0.25 to $10.00

More information on the links below.

Special Order San Damiano Wall or Standing Crucifixes 

hand-crafted large, San Damiano Crucifix is made by a professional New England wood worker and can be made in any size desired. It can be crafted with a gold or black border or a gold scrolled border outline (not pictured). Customer can request any type of wood, and woodworker can also used 100 year old reclaimed wood (from old barns) to craft the crucifix. Customers will be able to speak to the woodworker so that the crucifix is hand crafted to the customer's specifications regarding size, color, finish, border, and so on. The donations below are guidelines and will vary depending upon the size of the crucifix and the type of border desired. More information on the link below.

Saint Peregrine Jewelry Box $3.99

Very nice look and feel ceramic jewelry box. Comes with a Saint Peregrine medal necklace, and a small prayer card. Use it to hold precious small items, jewelry, rosaries, and more. More information on the links below.

Children's Colorful Wooden Bead Rosary $9.95

Large Wooden Bead Children's Rosary. Sturdy. Colorful. Non Toxic. Toddler boys and girls will love this Rosary. Comes boxed with Guardian Angel print. More information on the links below.

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