Saturday, May 23, 2015

One or More Items Can't Be Mailed to Your Location (Yes, They Can!)

Have you shopped at the Confraternity of Penitents Holy Angels Gift Shop and received a message saying "One or more of your items cannot be shipped to your location." That is not true! We DO ship to your location. We ship worldwide with the exception of shipping Bibles in bulk to Africa and certain other countries because of scams involving Bible sales in those nations.

So why did you get this error message?

Around April 20, 2015, to comply with Google's mobile ranking, the Confraternity of Penitents Holy Angels Gift Shop was migrated from our original server to another server. The second server is mobile friendly. When the migration was made, however, a glitch occurred that neither we nor the new server was aware of. We would not be aware of it now except that an irate customer contacted us a few weeks after the migration and said, "I tried to order this product from your website and received a message saying that you do not ship to my location. Why don't you ship to my location? I live in New York and I do much Internet shopping and everybody else mails to me. Why not you?"

This caused us to look into the situation because we do ship to New York. Here is what had happened. On our former website, items that had free shipping or bulk pricing were listed as zero weight on the main page on the back end of the store. When the migration took place to the new server, the zero weight was recorded. However, unlike the old server, the new server requires some sort of weight to be placed in the weight field for each product. If there is no weight, the system does not recognize the product and sends an error message to the customer saying that we cannot ship to their location. This is, of course, a lie, but the server uses this message because it does not recognize the product even though we and you, the customer, can clearly see it.

We have rectified this error throughout the website and have applied free shipping and bulk pricing to the items that originally had these perks. You will be able to order these items now. The free shipping applies to items such as the Divine Office for Dodos Book Mark and Ribbon Set, various pieces of Catholic statuary, and some artwork. The bulk prices apply to the Precious Little Feet Pins and to many different prayer cards as well as some other items.

So if you try to order from us and received the error message that we do not ship to your location, please visit us again and place a second order. We assure you that we do ship to your location and we would appreciate your business. Your purchases go to support the Confraternity of Penitents as we spread the message of conversion and belief in Christ around the world.

Thank you for your business and prayerful support!

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