Friday, June 26, 2015

New Products in CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop

The CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop has been adding several new products to the shop. Some of the ones that we are especially excited about are:

The Original Pieta Prayer Book in Standard Font and now in Large Print as well.

Pieta Prayer Book in Standard and Large Print Font

The Pieta Prayer Book has been a favorite for decades, featuring Rosary meditations, the Prayer of St. Gertrude, Sacred Heart Novena, the Golden Arrow, and many other traditional and favorite Catholic Prayers. Easily fits into a carry bag or pocket. Very reasonably priced at $1.95 for the Standard Font and $2.95 for large print.

Hand Crafted Precious Blood Rosary Chaplet

Precious Blood Rosary Chaplet 9.95

The Precious Blood Rosary Chaplet commemorates the seven times that Jesus shed His Precious Blood, beginning with the Circumcision and ending with the Piercing of His Side. The Centerpiece is a Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary medal and the main medal features the Sacred Head of Jesus crowned with thorns. Thirty three striking red beads, one for each year of Christ's earthly life. The Chaplet oomes with instructions for praying it. $9.95

These striking red finger rosaries are hand made by single birth mothers in China and proceeds from them go to help these mothers. Beautiful beads for a single decade of the Rosary that can be prayed anywhere, even inconspicuously in one's pocket. $3.95

This five inch tall Plastic Holy Water Bottle comes with a dripless nozzle for easy distribution of the blessed water. Every home should have holy water on hand. This bottle makes it easy to keep the Holy Water handy for any purpose. $1.59

Who Designed the Designer? delves into faith, reason, and science. Why is faith in God more rational than atheism? Why does it take more faith to disbelieve in Supreme Being than to believe in one? What is chaotic about chaos theory? $17.95

All of your purchases go to support the Confraternity of Penitents in its mission to spread the message of conversion (penance) worldwide. May God bless you for your support.

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