Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Items At Great Prices!

Holy Spirit Medal $1.00
Beautiful Holy Spirit medal in red and silver finish. Comes in round or "triangular" shape. Excellent for Confirmation or RCIA gifts.
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Holy Water Bottle $1.59
Plastic Holy Water Bottle with spout. Easy to use. Won't drip or leak.
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Cloisonné Rosary Bracelet-Red $9.95
Comes inside a very nice velvet blue box. Similar to the Handmade Cloisonné Rosary Bracelet except the beads are on  silver chain instead of rope.
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Jesus Cross From The Holy Land $9.95
Made from genuine olive wood from the Holy Land Bethlehem.
As you can see in the picture there is a small glass circle with soil
 from the Holy Land. The name Jesus is meticulously carved through the cross.
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Jesus Knocking at the door--Bareggio Collection $22.50
Fine Italian Statuary from Bareggio Collection. Original Price $45 NOW $22.50.
Free Shipping in the U.S.A.
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Proper Offices (full set) of Franciscan Saints
and Blesseds for Four Volume Liturgy of the Hours $49.00
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2015 LARGE PRINT Liturgy of the Hours Guide
to the Four Volume Breviary $4.25
These are printed each year to cover the Liturgical Year from the First Sunday of Advent through the last week of the Liturgical Year. Once they are sold out, we can no longer obtain them. The guides give the page numbers in the Catholic Book Breviary to assist in praying the Divine Office. We are now taking orders for 2016 Guides! Click on this link to purchase

Roman Franciscan Breviary Cover for
 Christian Prayer, Liturgy of the Hours $9.95
Fits Roman Franciscan Christian Prayer and Roman Franciscan Liturgy of the Hours and other Religious Order Supplements as well.This is our own style, sturdy breviary cover, offered exclusively by the Confraternity of Penitents. Compare to similar models offered at S12 each.
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A Spiritual Bouquet For You and Your Intentions
Prayer Card $0.25
Carry in your wallet for daily use. A Spiritual bouquet just for you and your intentions. God gives us many chances to grow spiritually each day.A Spiritual Bouquet For You and Your Intentions--Wallet Size. Full color.
A Gift of Prayer on the Back of card.
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San Damiano Keychain Ring $2.50
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Padre Pio Sketch by Joseph Matose $9.99
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Handmade Cloisonné Rosary Bracelet - Black $7.95
Your purchase of this Cloisonne Rosary Bracelet, handmade by Chinese moms in crisis pregnancies, contributes to their care and provides them
with some income. Click on this link to purchase

The Holy Trinity Children's Book $1.95
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Our Lady of Guadalupe True Image on
Faux Jute or Cotton $9.95
Our Lady of Guadalupe print, proportionally true to size and 80% rendition true to color, approximately 1l 3/4 inches by 7". Comes packaged in clear plastic as shown with cord for hanging. The most true to life reproduction on the market. A wonderful value for under $10.
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Renovation Fund Gifts $200.00
The Confraternity of Penitents is required by the State of Indiana to make certain renovations to the Gift Shop and Administrative Office. The Confraternity also needs additional help at its international headquarters. Our building and renovation plans will actually assist both the Shop and Office as well as make the Hermitage and grounds more user friendly for
visitors and guests. Click on this link to donate

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