Saturday, October 28, 2017

Your Non Traditional Christmas Gifts

Looking for some non traditional Christmas gifts for children?
This children rosary package may help them to get excited about praying the rosary. Your children will love the colorful plastic beads. Beads are small for easy movement for children's fingers gliding across. When your child is finished with his or her rosary, it has a cute matching rosary pouch, with zipper for the rosary to nestle back into. Very sturdy thread so the rosary should not fall apart easily. Machine washable, and small enough to carry inside pocket.

Peace On Earth Medal $0.75
About 2 1/2". Has a whole at the top if you want to put a thread or chain though it to make a necklace. You can also keep it in your pocket as a remembrance of the Holy Spirit every day.

Prayer For Vocations Medal-Pope John Paul II $0.75
This is an ideal Christmas Gift to give to someone who is discerning what their vocation is in life.

Blue Butterfly Resurrection cross $39.95
Comes in all gold, all silver, gold figure on silver cross, or silver figure on gold cross.
Comes in 6 inch size. Polished brass in various finishes.

Don't go out and buy Christmas cards...
We sell original Christmas Cards in 10 pack for only $4.95 a pack! Start sending out your Christmas Cards now 

Madonna and Her Child Oval Slate Tile $50.00
Slate has been used as an art medium and building material since antiquity due to its low water absorbency and natural beauty. Nelson's unique printing technology now allows old-world masterpieces and modern classics alike to be reproduced with fidelity and clarity on the surface on this ancient rock. We have a wide selection to choose from on our website

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