Saturday, November 11, 2017

Just Keeping The Christmas Spirit Alive

Nativity with Reaching Jesus Square Slate Tile $20.00
This Nativity with Reaching Jesus square slate tile comes with two black easel "feet" to allow the tile to stand upright on a desk, shelf, or table. Comes in circular tile too.

Christmas Cross $19.99
Tells the story of Jesus's birth and the wise men's journey to see baby Jesus.

Hand Painted Christ Child in Manger $49.95
From the Barraggio Collection, a tenderly beautiful ceramic hand painted Christ Child in wooden manger. Removable halo. Moveable arms. Eyelashes. 12". Limited quantity. Free shipping.

   Golden Star Crucifix $8.95
Dark wood background with gold filling and silver metallic stars artistically glued in a patter on the cross. Can be hung as a wall cross.

Bliss Faux Pearl Beads Rosary Bracelet $31.95
Rosary bracelet with faux pearl beads. All brass in silver or gold finishes.

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