Friday, July 5, 2019

Maria Goretti was an eleven year old girl killed because she wouldn't yield her purity to an attacker. The fourteen lilies on the shirt symbolize the fourteen stab wounds she received. Years later, her assailant saw Maria in a dream offering him fourteen lilies as a symbol of forgiveness for the wounds he inflicted on her. Her assailant converted, sought forgiveness, and was forgiven by the Goretti family. Maria is the only saint where her mother was present at the canonization. She's also the youngest canonized saint. Her feast is July 6th.

St. Maria Goretti Oval Key Chain $5.75
Proudly display your faith everywhere you go with this 2.5in unique, glossy keychain! 
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Maria Goretti Girls Club Children's T-Shirt $15.95
This shirt is a favorite with young ladies 
and a great way to inspire them and others to a life of purity and prayer.

Maria Goretti Messenger Bag $27.00
Sare your faith anywhere with this unique messenger bag! The pre-shrunk, pink 100% cotton canvas bag is available with two different styles of text. Carry your bible, rosary, cell phone, and digital camera in style to the beach, the park, the mall, and everywhere else!

St. Maria Goretti Laminated Prayer Card $1.00

Soft Saint Maria Goretti Doll $129.00

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