Sunday, December 8, 2013

Statuary and Stocking Stuffers

Contrary to what some non-Catholics believe, Catholics don't worship or pray to statues. Catholics use statues to remind them of heavenly patrons (saints) who can intercede with God for the needs of the person who is petitioning them. We can think of statues as 3-D images of loved ones who we are asking to pray for us.

The CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop has received the statuary inventory of another Catholic Gift Shop and is placing this inventory on line at this time. All the statues offered are reduced from the original prices. Many are one of a kind--in other words, that particular statue is no longer being manufactured, although we could probably get another image of the same saint, so once this particular statue is sold out, it's no longer available. Have a look and find some surprises! Three of the several offered are pictured below.

St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus 7.75

Immaculate Conception 15.00

Pope John Paul II Statue Boxed 5.95

Did you know that you can shop by price at the CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop? Many items are under $10, and many of these under $5. Some lower priced stocking stuffers are pictured below. Have a look and see all we offer for a low price. Remember, all proceeds go to support the Confraternity of Penitents in its mission of spreading the message of penance (conversion) worldwide. Thanks for your prayers and support.
Prayer Bear 2.95

1/2" Tau from Holy Land Pendant 4.95

Altar Server Necklaces boy or girl - 4.95

Franciscan Prayer Book 3.95

Eucharistic Adoration Chaplet 6.95

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