Saturday, December 14, 2013

Subtle Gifts and Grab Bags

Subtle Gifts

We all have members of our family and friends of the family who are not Catholics. Some are not even believers. We try to witness to them with our lives and our love, in subtle but caring ways as we try to show them that Jesus is loving them through us. While we may not be able to witness to these individuals just yet, we can pray for them, as we should be doing every day.

Is it possible to give these individuals a gift that will nudge them in the direction of faith without being too preachy? The CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop contains such items. We have put these items on the CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop home page so that they are easy to locate. Each of these is limited in quantity. Once they are sold out, they are gone.

Korinne Leigh's Olive Oil Soaps (different types) Each has a small Scripture verse on the wrapper

Love Bears All Things Wall Plaque
Taste and See Cookbook (this has some Scripture quotes and a dedication to a CFP member)
Other books are (view at

Wise Words for Fantastic Fathers--book
In Celebration of You, Mom--book
Moments for Christmas—book (only 1 left)
Moments for Each Other—book
Fathers Change the World—book
Wisdom from the Garden—book

Catholic Grab Bag (Boxes) with FREE SHIPPING

We have an overstock of certain new Catholic religious books and gift items and so are offering a grab bag box of our choice of items as our gift to you! Each grab bag is worth twice what you pay for it and shipping is free. Surprise yourself with some lovely Catholic gift items by selecting one of our grab bag gifts. Prices range from $5 ($10 worth of goods) to $100 ($200 worth of goods). A link to this can be found from the home page of the Confraternity of Penitents Holy Angels Gift Shop. Enjoy! 

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