Sunday, January 12, 2014

Home Decor Sale - Paintings, Statuary, and Prints

In department stores, January is a time for "white sales." These are sales of sheets, towels, and housewares.

The CFP  Holy Angels Gift Shop does not sell sheets and towels, but it can help you give your home a new look with some beautiful art work, some of it original and others prints or reproductions. We have not had time to put all of this artwork on our CFP Holy Angels on line site yet, but we thank a benefactor who took all of the photos on this site professionally.

If you are interested in any of this art work, please let us know which piece interests you by row, position, and description and we can tell you its size, whether it is an original or a print, and what a good suggested donation (including shipping) would be. The Confraternity hopes that the sale of this art work will assist in the development of the Confraternity guesthouse, library lounge, and lavatory. We need to raise a good bit of money for these improvements which we hope will begin in the spring.

There are also other pieces of art work, not on the above link, in the CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop on the Religious Art and Paintings link and on the Statuary link.

Happy Armchair Shopping!

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