Friday, January 24, 2014

Roman Franciscan Breviary Covers for One and Four Volume Breviaries--Donations Sought

BREVIARY COVERS FOR BREVIARY AND FRANCISCAN SUPPLEMENT OR OTHER PRAYER BOOK: The CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop can have manufactured breviary covers that will hold both the 1 volume breviary and each of the four volumes of the four volume breviary and the Franciscan Supplement in one cover. Or, if you don't use a supplement but would want to put in another small prayer book, that would work, too. These can be seen on this link in the CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop. The breviary covers will sell for 9.95 each and you can get them for Christian Prayer (1 volume breviary) and for all four volumes of the four volume Liturgy of the Hours. You can place your order now. The covers will be ready in April, 2014. 

FRIARS REQUESTED BREVIARY COVERS: Father David Engo of the Franciscan Brothers Minor asked if we might be able to donate breviary covers to the friars for their four volume Liturgy of the Hours. That would be 100 covers (for 25 friars). The CFP does not have the money to pay for that, but maybe some of you would like to donate one or more covers to the friars. If so, we will write, inside of the cover where the friar will see it, "Please pray for  __(Name)__" We will put any name you wish there so the friars could pray for your children, relatives, friends, spouses, etc. 

If you wish to donate the cost of one or more breviary covers, please go to the link and order as many breviary covers as you would like to order. Put your address into the billing section and the friars' address into the shipping section (Franciscan Brothers Minor, 2637 Schele Avenue, Fort Wayne IN 46803). ON THE SECOND LINE OF THE SHIPPING ADDRESS, THAT ASKS FOR THE LAST NAME OF THE PERSON TO SHIP TO, PUT THE NAME OF THE PERSON YOU WANT THE FRIAR WHO RECEIVES THE COVER TO PRAY FOR. IF YOU HAVE SEVERAL NAMES BECAUSE YOU ARE ORDERING SEVERAL COVERS, USE THE LAST NAME LINE AND THE COMPANY LINE TO PUT IN ALL THE NAMES. We will know what you mean and prepare the covers accordingly.  As you order, you will be charged shipping and handling, but we will refund these to you as we can carry the breviary covers to the friars so you will actually donate only 9.95 per cover.

Here is a sample of how the SHIPPING ADDRESS would look for four breviary covers (one name would go into each cover):

Franciscan Brothers Minor
Gail T., Tom M.,
Andrew A., Betsy W.
2637 Schele Avenue
Fort Wayne IN 46803

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