Friday, February 14, 2014

In Honor of Saint Valentine's Day: Books about Love

Love. A word often spoken but not always understood. The Confraternity of Penitents Holy Angels Gift Shop has several books which will help you understand the nature of the word which the Evangelist John used as the name of God. "God is Love." Come to grips with the depths of this first emotion of the heart.

Clare and Her Sisters: Lovers of the Poor Christ. Biography of St. Clare that helps the reader experience the love that St. Clare and her sisters felt for the Lord and for one another. Beautifully illustrated with paintings of the life of Saint Clare. 22.95

The Diary of Saint Faustina: Divine Mercy in My Soul. The classic text of Jesus' messages to Saint Faustina about His love and mercy. 7.95

Love-Ability: Becoming Loveable by Caring for Yourself and Others. A book for the modern world that often has lost its sense of selfless love and compassion. How to practice love in your life. Includes study guide for group discussion. 13.95

Beautifully illustrated text of the Song of Songs in Scripture. 9.95

God Alone Is Enough: A Spirited Journey with Teresa of Avila. The teachings of this great mystic, so in love with the Lord, made clear to the reader. 16.99

Reawakening Our Desire for the Pure. Magazine of Sisters for Life, all about true love and how to remain pure in a sex-saturated world. Topics addressed: marriage, dating, family planning, more. 1.25

The Devotion to the Sacred Heart. Jesus' heart is on fire for love of humanity.  A journey into that love which will spark your own love for the Lord. 19.95

For more offerings about love, see the CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop. And Happy Valentine's Day!

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