Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lenten Books at Inexpensive Prices

Lent is coming up quickly. This season is a good time to jump start your faith, and what better ways than by prayer, alsmgiving, works or mercy, and spiritual reading? The CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop supports the Confraternity of Penitents in our mission to spread the message of penance (conversion) worldwide, so a purchase from the shop is a form of almsgiving.

In addition, the Gift Shop has many books that can assist you in spiritual reading and prayer. Give a book or a religious item to someone in need and you will perform a spiritual work of mercy by encouraging the doubtful or instructing the ignorant. The possibilities are endless!

Because the CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop has a supply of used religious books, you can find some excellent books at inexpensive prices. Select one or two that will speak to your spirit this Lent. Here are five of the selections. Many others are on the Used Religious Book link from the Gift Shop. Since these are used books, we have only 1 of each in the shop. So shop early for the best selection!

Bread of the Word--used book--1.99

Following the  Saints--used book--3.95

John  Paul II: The Epic Life of a Pilgrim Pope -- 8.99

Resurrecting Hope -- used book--2.00

The Rule of Saint Benedict in English--used book -- 1.50

How about seeing what else is available for Lent at the CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop? Thanks for your support and God bless you!

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