Friday, October 19, 2018

Evergreen Advent Wreath with four Advent Candles, and centerpiece of the Holy Family in childlike figures, delicate colors. Beautiful way to observe the Advent season.

Hand crafted with genuine wood. Sanded and smoothed perfectly. 3"x3" in size. Light weight so it will not weigh anything down.

A three-fold, black and white flyer of this devotion. Prepare for Christmas by praying the Stations of the Crib. Each Station illustrated with small drawing.

The delightful book on the season of Light takes us back in time around the world to discover how Christians throughout history have feted the birth of the Savior in colorful and varied ways. Also comes with a compact disc with traditional Christmas songs, you can listen to as you read the story. 

Lush artificial greens with four candle holders for candles.
 Wreath is approximately 12 inches. 

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