Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Are You Preparing For Advent?

Four candles to burn for the four weeks of Advent. Fits standard candle holders.

Various Bible Stories that are remembered on the Jesse Tree, divided for the four weeks of Advent. Parents and teachers may wish to have the children make decorations depicting or symbolizing the different Biblical event and hanging them on the tree. Buy any 4 books in any combination of titles in the Children's Books -- St. Joseph Edition category (SKU begins with letters SJ) and get a fifth book of your choice free.

The tradition of planting wheat on Saint Lucy's Day (December 13) comes from Hungary, Croatia, and other European nations. Plant wheat grains in a round dish or plate of soil, then water the seeds. Place the container in a warm spot. If the planting medium is kept moist (not sopping wet), the seeds will germinate and the shoots will be several inches high by Christmas. Then the new green shoots, reminding us of the new life born in Bethlehem, may be tied with a ribbon, if desired, and a candle may be placed near them as a symbol of the Light of Christ.

Ceramic porcelain. Delicately colored.

From the Barraggio Collection, a tenderly beautiful ceramic hand painted Christ Child in wooden manger. Removable halo. Moveable arms.
 Eyelashes. 12". Limited quantity. Free shipping in the U.S.!

Margaret the cat and her beloved master, none other than the Pope himself, are back to entertain and teach young readers about the inside world of the Vatican, and exactly what goes on at Christmastime at St. Peter's Basilica.

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