Monday, July 31, 2017

Keeping The Joy & The Faith Together!

*St. Dominic's Feast Day Is August 8
Check out what we have about this saint on our website at 
Remember we take special orders!

Pope John Paul II Statue Box Set $7.95
Free Shipping in the United States!
Click on this link to see more of our statuary 

Saint Agatha Prayer Card and Medal $1.50
Saint Agatha, patron saint of those with breast cancer.
Laminated prayer card and embedded medal.
Click on this link to see our really nice assortment 

Wedding Jewelry Box $8.50
Know someone getting married soon? We have a nice assortment of affordable wedding gifts on our website at

Daily Companion for Married Couples $8.95
Marriage can be difficult. We have some books such as this to help smoothen the journey. In a few short minutes, the Scripture quotes, passages from Church documents, and thoughts from the Saints which begin the days in this book will provide comfort and guidance for married couples to live their vocation to the fullest. A brief reflection and prayer complete this dynamic daily practice. Click on this link to purchase

            Joyfully Living the Gospel Day by Day $8.95
It can be easy to lose our joy and enthusiasm in living the gospel daily. We sell some books on our website such as this to help us through the struggles. Check it out on our website

Following Jesus Children's Book $1.50
As we prepare our children to go back to school, let's not lose sight of continually preparing our children to follow Jesus always! We have many children books on our website for various ages, and sacramental needs right here on our website

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