Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You Are Not Alone In Your Suffering

Mary Magdalene's Feast Day Is July 22!
Click on this link to see what we have for this saint

Suffering is something we all encounter in this life, and it can make us feel discouraged, depressed, and alone.We have many books that offer deep insights on how to accept our sufferings and overcome our obstacles. Click on this link to start reading today 

Do you need what's going on in the mass explained to you better? The Mass Explained from Catholic Book Publishing explores the theological meaning of the Mass, examines the role to which baptized Catholics are called in its celebration, and helps readers to discover the meaning of its words, songs, gestures, and ritual actions.
Written by Msgr. James P. Moroney. Click on this link to purchase 

Do you have trouble understanding the mass? You are not alone. Understanding the Mass by Catholic Book Publishing is a practical, easy-to-use and understand booklet about the Mass. Written by Rev. Maynard Kolodziej, O.F.M.,

Do you wish you could have help in understanding the prayer of the mass and liturgy? This book will help. Handbook of the Mass from Catholic Book Publishing provides an introduction to understanding the greatest prayer of the Church, the Eucharistic Liturgy. Click on this link to purchase

We have a new Franciscan book in stock! Just as with his stirring narrative of the life of St. Francis, St. Francis of Assisi: Passion, Poverty & the Man Who Transformed the Church, author Bret Thoman draws upon his profound knowledge of original sources, his familiarity with the places where these two great founders lived and breathed and changed the world, and his own Franciscan spirituality, to bring to life, like never before, the story of St. Clare of Assisi. Click on this link to purchase

We have added some new prayer cards to our inventory. Click on this link view our wide assortment

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