Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Saint Of The Month And Inspiration

July 6th Is St. Maria Goretti's Feast Day! 
We carry an assortment of St. Maria Goretti prayer cards, dolls, and chaplets on our website.  She is called a martyr because she was murdered because she would not consent to overtures by a lustful teen. She is a good Saint to pray to for Purity. Click on this link to purchase

Mom Glass Plaque $7.00

Mary & Jesus Carved Wood Leaf $9.95
Originally carved out of wood. Click on this link to see others like it

Copper Crucifix On Wood $8.00
Very Unique; so it's an eye catcher! Approximately 8" X 5".
Click on this link to purchase

Sacred Heart Paper Weight $5.00
Has the look and feel of Lalique Glass or Sabino Glass. Meant to use as a paper weight to keep your papers from blowing around. Or you can simply use it for decoration anywhere it can sit up.

 Acrylic Modern Look Holy Family -- Vintage style $3.95
Click on this link to purchase


Basset Hound Puppy $0.75

Dog in My Pocket story--I carry this dog in my pocket to remind me that I am to be Christ's best friend. Like a dog, I can run wild, away from my Master. I can claim to have no master and can hunt down my own food or salvage it from garbage heaps. But when I follow Jesus, He feeds my spirit with His Words and love, and I am so much better nourished than when I try to feed myself.

Original Prints and Paintings by Tim Luncsford $75.00
20"x20" Hand Signed Print of original oil painting "House after summer rain".
Tim also takes custom orders by people. If you would like Tim to do a painting or print for you contact us. Click on this link to purchase

            God Alone is Enough: A Spirited Journey with Teresa of Avila $16.99
No one can teach a Christian to pray, like Teresa can. This lively little book introduces postmodern readers to one of Christianity's most endearing prayer warriors, and guides them through her most radical teachings. Here, Teresa of Avila is not a lofty, inaccessible saint; she's a companion, taking readers on a rollicking journey through their own interior castles. 
Click on this link to purchase and see other inspirational books suited for your needs

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